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When you need a new lock installation or changefor the protection your home or business you telephone our local24-Hourmobile locksmith company in Stafford, TX a call. At Stafford-Locksmith in Texas, you will find the fastest and most affordable locksmith service in the area which will provide you with quality results. If you are experiencing a lock or key need for any of your automobile, residential, or commercial locks, then our trained locksmiths are the perfect choice for you. By calling our mobile locksmith company, one of our professional locksmith techs will be at your exact location anywhere in the Stafford, TX area in only minutes helping you with anything you need. Our techs have all the latest most up to date tools and techniques to assist all of your needs from changing your locks to unlocking your car doors and more.


Change or install new locks for your home protection fast. If you had any home owners living inside your home previously or maybe worried about anyone having an access to your locks, then have us lower that that risk of anyone coming in uninvited and let us provide you with a quality lock change or new lock installation. We are capable of providing you with are-keyfor all of your doors as well as making you a new key. If you need a new key made for your home doors, our locksmith experts will come and cut you a new key in minutes or have a new key made for you even if you do not have the first pair in hands. Our professionals have experience dealing with all different kind and brand of locks, so you can be rest assured they know well how to work with all of your locks.

Is your key stuck inside of your home door locks? Don’t try to pull it out too hard yourself as it may cause more damage to your locks. Our techs will be right at your location in minutes providing you with a key removal/extraction to delicately remove your broken key without damaging your locks. Does your keychain have a lot of different keys to open different doors that look alike leaving your confused every day? Get a newmaster key made by our experts to unlock all of your locks using just that one key.


For your commercial lock and key concerns, we can help you with all of your business, warehouse, office, college dorms, and even mall locks all in only one day. We’ve re-keyed an entire mall in only one day by sending out multiple lock experts to speed up the process. Protecting your business should always be number one by making sure those locks are maintained and working properly. If your locks are getting old or outdated or are worried about someone having access to your business locks, give us a call to help provide you with quality new locks. We can provide you with a new lock change or installation in the most affordable manner using high end equipment and methods.

Do you need a new key made? Did you lose your first pair of keys? That’s not a problem for our professionals as we have a ton of different methods to use. Upgrade yourself to a master key which can open as many doors as you need it to without having to carry multiple keys all day long which open different locks. If you have been locked out of your business, then call us immediately to come in the fastest manner and unlock your doors leaving you surprised.

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